8 Hairstyle Tips for getting Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Your stylist is your secret weapon when it comes to getting just-stepped-out-of-the-salon hair at home. Your stylist will know which products and cuts are best for your hair and what tools can be used to maintain it. A professional blowout is the best. A top Aveda stylist says, “As a professional, I am going to receive a better blow-dried from another professional.” Are you not due for a trim? Don’t worry. Professional stylists’ eight tricks and tips can help you achieve shiny, healthy hair between appointments.  

Get a great haircut and learn how to maintain it.

Syck says that her biggest pet peeve about hairdressers is clients’ low expectations. Syck recommends that you find a stylist who can create a cut that is just right for you, your hair and what it will take to keep it looking great. Tania Moran, a stylist at Swank Salon in New York City, said that this usually means regular trims. She recommends that long hair be trimmed every six to eight weeks. Wait a little longer if you want your hair to grow. It would be best to visit the salon every four to six weeks for short hair.

Choose the right products for your hair type.

A professional stylist can help you determine which products work best for your hair type. Moran says that shine/gloss drops combined with heat from an external source can help to repair damaged or curly hair. Moran recommends violet shampoo and conditioner for blondes with brassiness. She suggests that texture and volume sprays can be used to revive limp hair. Smoothing creams can also be used to manage thick hair. She suggests that curl cream and leave-in conditioner are good choices for curly hair.

Do your hair less often?

Syck warns that this is a common error. Regular shampooing can cause hair to become dry and brittle, especially if you prefer hot water. Wash your hair only one to two times per week unless you have an oily scalp. You will find that you don’t need to use a styling product as often as you wash your hair. To remove dirt, rinse your hair briefly between washes. Moran says dry shampoo is an option but too often can cause buildup. She recommends that clarifying shampoos be used once per month to eliminate buildup.

Get High-Quality Hot Tools

You need to invest in the best tools for hair care. Syck says that it’s okay to spend $100-150 on a blowdryer — the same goes for a curling iron or flat iron. Moran warns that even the best products won’t last forever. Moran says that warrantees can be helpful as there is always the possibility of your tool burning out. Be careful when you travel, as your converters must convert volts & watts, not just outlet size.” Moran loves Chi for high-quality hot irons with exceptional longevity. She says that although they are more expensive, they can still be affordable.

Get a blowout for yourself.

Moran says heat and direction are key ingredients for a great blowout. To get the best results when blow-drying hair, avoid touching the strands. Heat can cause damage. You should use a medium to high heat setting and aim down to flow the air along the hair shafts, from root to tip. This is what gives salon hair its sleek, shiny shine.

Moran says curling irons or wands can be used at home to achieve curls. Don’t use too many hot tools. She warns that using two hot tools per day can cause hair to become dry and damaged. I recommend drying your hair with a towel and then ironing it.

Always use heat protector products.

Syck acknowledges that heat is a double-edged weapon. It is what gives professional finishes their shine, but you should always use a heat protector product. Moran advises that you always use heat protector sprays or serums before blow-drying or ironing. ColorProof’s CrazySmooth Ultra Shine Treatment Oil is her recommendation. When used with hot tools, she says that it breaks down the product to penetrate the hair shaft to provide protection and reconstruction.

Silk or Satin Pillowcases

This beauty tip may seem a bit sexy. But why not pamper yourself? Moran says silk or satin pillowcases are better for salon hair because they don’t rub hair too hard. She explains that when you move your head in your sleep, it glides across silk instead of dragging on cotton. This can cause damage to your hair and make it look ragged, especially if you use hairspray.

You don’t have to wear the same ponytail every day.

You will eventually find a time when a neat ponytail is a best and easiest style. Moran warns that ponytail holders with a tough or textured texture can cause damage to your hair if they are left up too long. She explains that if your hair is dry, it will be stronger and more resistant to damage. Syck also suggests changing your hairstyles every day to prevent damage or breakage. You don’t want a ponytail that is too high today, so try a lower one tomorrow or a pin-up style instead.