8 Tips for Furnishing Your Salon’s Reception Area

You want to make a lasting impression on every guest who visits your salon. This is possible by choosing the right furnishings for your salon’s reception area. Your salon’s reception area can reflect your personality and the brand you are trying to portray. Every detail matters when you want to create an efficient and pleasant space for your guests. You can make your clients happier and more productive by providing a great reception experience.

1. Your Space Size

Measurement is the most important step in finding the right furniture for your salon’s reception area. Also, measure the space to determine the dimensions of the furniture pieces you are considering buying. Scaling can make or break your salon’s reception area. The balance of your salon furnishings will determine the success of any salon, no matter what it’s aesthetic. A cluttered, confusing, or bulky reception area is not what anyone wants. Consider how much retail space you would like to have, as well as how many people you might need to accommodate on busy days.

2. Reception Desk

You will need a salon reception desk regardless of the size. Consider the purpose of your reception desk before you decide which one is best for you. Do you need a scheduling book or POS system? Do you have a phone? Are you looking for bags to sell? What kind of storage and counter space do you need? Your front desk should be welcoming and usable. It should also help keep your reception area tidy and clutter-free. The front desk should serve as a focal point for clients and not overwhelm the retail displays.

3. Retail Displays

Your salon reception area is ideal for clients to browse your retail options. It would be best to consider how many products you intend to display and ensure that you have enough space to display without making them look messy or cluttered. There are many options for size and style. Take your time to choose the right look for your salon. Avoid placing your retail displays behind your front desk and make sure they are always accessible to your clients. Consider how your products will be highlighted, such as furniture placement, lighting or the display.

4. Who do you serve?

There is no one way to create a salon reception area that is perfect. Your reception space should be perfect for and. Think about your clients to determine who they are. Consider their preferences and needs when designing your reception furniture. Consider the comfort requirements of each guest, depending on their role. Consider the size and accessibility of your guests when you are choosing seating for your reception. Also, consider options that will be suitable for those with limited mobility.

5. Complementary Furniture is Important!

Standard salon reception spaces will include seating, a reception desk and retail displays. What about the furniture that goes with it? As your customer waits for you to deliver their order, think about what will make them feel more comfortable. Do you have a selection of books? Do you have a coffee and beverage station? You might consider a coffee station or end tables. Also, you may want to add desk space. Your accompanying furniture should be subtle and consistent. Let the reception desk and retail displays shine.

6. Salon Aesthetic

Remember to consider the salon’s aesthetic when choosing furniture for the salon reception area. Are you looking for a retro, modern, rustic, minimalist, contemporary, or minimalist look? It would be best if you considered everything from the size of your furnishings to their design and colours. Your clients will have a memorable experience if cohesive connections between the reception furniture.

7. Comfort

Let’s face it, and no one likes to wait for their service. It is important to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for clients waiting in the salon’s reception area. Even though reception seating may seem like an afterthought as you put together a salon, remember how important it is to provide your clients comfortable and supportive seating without making them feel like they’re sitting on top of each other. You wouldn’t want your clients to sit in a place they don’t like.

8. Qualitative

It is crucial to choose furniture that can withstand constant use, just like you did when choosing your salon stations and backwash units. You will use your reception seating at least twice as often as your styling chairs, so choosing upholstery that is durable and doesn’t wear out too quickly can help you save money in the long term. You can also choose a durable finish for your reception tables and desks, such as steel, laminates, or plexiglass.

Your first and last contact with clients will be in the salon reception area. You can’t make the same first impression twice, so be sure to decorate your salon reception area to give clients another reason to come back. Need help finding the right furnishings for your salon? Give us a shout! We can help you design a salon reception that meets all your needs.