9 Tips for Designing Your Dream Salon

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when setting up your salon. It’s supposed to be fun, though, to create your salon. From your salon layout to interior design schemes, price lists, and products, there are many things to think about. These are 9 salon decor ideas will help you create the salon you desire.


Light is an important feature in your salon. Although natural light is preferred, not all buildings have great windows. Great! Please make use of them. Make sure that every station in your space gets sunlight. Many other options lighten your space if you don’t have large windows.

Remember that your main goal when choosing to light for your salon is to make your clients look great. Your client will not be satisfied if they don’t like the results of their mirror. The Bali Tall Styling Station & Mirror are designed to improve lighting conditions in your salon. Warm bulbs are more flattering than cool. Make sure that the shadows of your clients are not in direct contact with your lamps. Consider whether you need overhead lighting, standing lamps, or behind-the-mirror lighting. To brighten up your salon, check out our salon lighting products.


There are many ways to decorate your salon’s interior. Instead of changing everything or starting from scratch, you can look at the style that is already in place. You can go rustic if you have exposed ductwork. Concrete floors and walls can give your salon an industrial feel. You should also ensure that your salon equipment matches your style, such as theĀ Odin Styling Chair.


Every customer who walks through your doors will be looking at a mirror. It’s essential to choose the right one. Multi-station, large mirrors can make your space appear larger and more open. On the other hand, single-station mirrors will give each area a more intimate feel. Framed mirrors are more elegant and welcoming, while naked mirrors look sleeker. Remember to consider your lighting when placing mirrors. Your clients don’t want to see blinding lighting in their eyes.


Don’t limit yourself to the four walls when designing your space. You can extend your design to the ceilings and floors. You can brighten your space by adding a colourful ceiling or making your rooms appear larger by painting them white. Your clients will be able to admire something beautiful while they get their hair done.


Please stick to your chosen aesthetic once you have decided on it. Your salon should feel cohesive. Your stations should be coordinated if you desire a casually chic entryway. You can use the same scheme in your waiting area. Your clients shouldn’t feel disoriented when they move from one salon area to another. Our client selected the Kite Styling chair and Iconwash backwash unit because they match the style and have the same colour options.


You want your space to flow well, just like cohesion. Consider your space as a client’s view. Is your layout logical? Do you have a waiting area at the front or back when you enter? Are you looking for your guests to sit at their washing stations first or bring them to your station to discuss their hair choices? You will want your salon to function in the same way you have decorated it.

  1. Go Green

Plants can bring life to your space. They clean the air and provide oxygen and add colour to any space without making it too overwhelming. Your salon will feel natural and calmer if you bring plants in.


You can make a statement wall out of a boring wall. A bold, large-scale art piece will immediately grab people’s attention. Any art piece can work. You don’t need to make it salon-themed to tie together your space. It doesn’t have to be salon-themed.


  1. No detail is too small

Every detail in your salon is important. Every detail is important. Don’t forget the finer points. Your towels should match your products, and your stations should be uniform. The salon shown above shows that even the Diamond Styling Chair’s shape and colour matches the countertops and cabinets. As we have said, no detail is too little.