9 Trendy and Most Popular Hairstyles for Men

It’s no secret that men spend as much time on hair as women! Ask any woman, and you’ll find at least one man in their lives who are very fussy about their hair. If you pay so much attention to your hair, it’s a good idea to make sure it looks great and change it regularly. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles for men you can try now!

  1. Buzz Cut In-The-Buzz

This is a summer-friendly haircut for men. It’s a great choice for those who live in more humid areas of the world. Not only does it keep you cool, but it also looks great. Zayn Malik had a buzz cut that featured a clip-on earring and a nose stud. This was the most popular hairstyle among men. Every Indian salon had a picture of the singer.

Many hairstyles for men lack the edginess of a buzz cut. This is the main feature of every ‘bad boy’ style, and we don’t think it’s any different!

This is your hair cut very short so that it leaves hardly any hair, but not too much to make you look bald. This is not for everyone. Read below to find out if it’s right for you!

Before you get a buzz cut, here are some things to think about.

  • This hairstyle suits most faces, including oval and round faces. You should choose something different if you have square or triangular faces.
  • Lifestyle: You can’t change your hairstyle based on your going. This should be considered before you cut your hair.
  1. Slicked Back Suaveness

This is the most basic trick you can do. Grab a bottle of strong-hold gel and use your fingers or thick comb to smooth out your crown hair. It will make your look stand out from the rest. While long hairstyles for men tend to stay at the top of the trends charts for a short time, some styles will never go out of fashion. One of these is slicked-back hair. This style is for men who want to stand out without being too loud. It is most popular with a slicked-back hairstyle with an undercut, side partitions, slightly messy slicked, and others. It is timeless and masculine in all aspects.

To prevent your hair from flattening, ensure that your gel does not touch your scalp. Also, you should always work with damp hair!

Before you try slicked-back hairstyles, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Face shape: While it doesn’t matter, an oblong one will compliment it better than any others.
  • Lifestyle: This one can do it all, from work to weekends. Give it a try!
  1. The Not So Basic Crew Cut

Here’s one of our favourite short hairstyles: the crew cut. It’s so easy to love. It is so easy to maintain that you won’t even need to run a comb through it every morning before going out. It doesn’t require any special products or gel to maintain its stability. All you need is a good salon and the right pair of scissors.

The sides are shaved or buzzed, and the hair is kept shorter at the top. However, it’s not too long to be difficult to manage or look like a slicked-back undercut. This hairstyle is also easy to describe to a barber as one of the most popular men. It’s clean, neat, and a big hit at work.

Before you cut your crew, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Face shape: The crew cut is a less rigid version of the buzz cut and flatters oval faces.
  • Lifestyle: The crew cut is a great choice if you don’t like being the centre of attention.
  1. High and Tight – And Classy

The military has had a long tradition of requiring a tight, high haircut. It’s not messy and doesn’t require constant attention. It makes you look professional and put together, no matter what you wear. It made its way into civilian dress codes, and men all over the globe have been wearing it constantly.

Like the crew cut or the slicked-back hairstyle, this one is also a variation on the famous buzz cut. However, the attributes of this style are very different to the others. It doesn’t matter what texture your hair is, unlike slicked-back hair. The high and tight will make your hair look great, even if it’s curly or wavy. It’s possible to do it yourself by following a few YouTube tutorials.

Before you make a tight and high cut, here are some things to remember.

  • Face shape: This hairstyle is best for square or defined faces. However, it can be done by anyone.
  • Lifestyle: The military haircut is a universally loved and accepted style that nearly everyone can wear. It doesn’t matter if you are the social butterfly or reserved member of your group; its appeal is unmatched.
  1. Dreamy & Messy French Crop

You can no longer say, “Draw me like a French girl”; the classic French cut is now the main focus. You know we love a simple, elegant, and low-maintenance haircut. This is it. We don’t like spending hours on our hair, so we reserve that for special occasions. But, when it comes down to everyday fashion, we prefer simple yet elegant, and you should, too, if your style is anything like ours.

The French crop, a cropped hairstyle that covers the entire head, is very flattering. Although there are many styles you can do, this is the best hairstyle for boys. These are both cute and sophisticated, so it’s impossible to go wrong.

Before starting a French crop, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Face shape: This hairstyle is great for those with diamond faces! Plus points if you’re curly! A French crop can be worn on any face shape, including oval faces.
  • Lifestyle: The French crop is the best option for you if you are a lady’s man.
  1. Picture-Perfect Bangs

It’s not only for women to allow hair to fall and frame their faces perfectly. This will make you stand out as the ‘good guy’ in your group. You’ve seen it in many rom-coms, and rightly so. It’s just as popular with women. We’re proud to present bangs as the latest long hairstyle for men. Bangs allow you to control your hair’s volume, length, and texture. There are no rules. Before the scissors touch your hair, let your hairdresser know your preferences.

Before you get bangs.

  • Face Shape: If you have a fully circled face, now is the time to shine. This face shape is ideal for bangs or fringes.
  • Lifestyle: If your job isn’t at the frontend but the backend, and if you don’t work in a factory-based environment, then fringes might not be for you. They can get fussy.
  1. The Beautiful Bowl Cut

The name of the bowl is obvious. It looks almost like a bowl sitting on your head. We don’t mean that to make you feel bad about it, but the exact opposite! A bowl cut can look great on the right face shapes and flattering among peers and colleagues. This new style is for boys and gives your hair a dazzling shine. This is a great style for men with straight, shiny hair. If you have a messy mane, it might be best to avoid bowl cuts.

The fringe is the same length as the hair at the top of your head, giving you the uniformity and an asymmetrical appearance. We love its structured yet playful nature.

Before you get a bowl cut.

  • Round-faced men rejoice! It’s your turn, bowl-cut men!
  • Lifestyle: This hairstyle can be awkward at work because it isn’t very serious.
  1. The Irresistible Bun for Man

A time was when every man you knew wore a man bun. It made everyone cringe. Hard. 

It was just the beginning of the reign of the long-haired king for men. Many of the other ‘bad choices’ can be ignored. Man buns are always in the news for both positive and negative reasons. It is not easy to look like you haven’t washed in days while still looking incredibly groomed. It was something that many men didn’t know about, but we are revealing the truth (which, quite frankly, shouldn’t be).

You can either put half your hair up in a man bun or all of it. You also have the option to make your man bun messy or neat.

Consider these things before you do a man bun.

  • Face Shape: Man buns are suitable for all shapes. However, how you do them will make them unique to your face. Before you decide to give in, make sure you bookmark lots of inspiration.
  • Lifestyle: These tools are not made for the workplace. We recommend making scissors your best friend if you have a job in corporate.
  1. Funky Spikes

They might be viewed as if they’ve been beaten to death by everyone, including celebrities, teenagers, and just about everybody you know. This may be true, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not in fashion anymore. Statisticians show that men continue to look for products to keep their spikes in check. If you aren’t sure, ask your barber!

Before you place spikes on your head, think about them. Do you want them to be super spikey? If you answered yes, stop going too far. You can’t allow them to go flat right now.

Before you get spikes done, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Face shape: Anyone with a tapered facial structure should avoid spikes. They’re going to do more damage visually than good.
  • Lifestyle: If your career is in creative industries or uni, spikes might be for you.

Your hair is your most valuable asset for your overall health. Whatever you decide to do, ensure it suits your style and lifestyle.