Do you want to learn more about being a hairdresser? This blog has more tips for hairdressers.

Here are some tips to help customers get better salon tips, from body language advice to tip jar ideas.

Hair Salon Tips:

Try to be a great hairdresser.

You will get better tips and tricks if you are constantly improving your skills as a stylist.

This means listening and being attentive to your customers and having the skills and knowledge to give them what they need. Your customer will be more satisfied with how you cut and style it.

A good hairdresser must know when to give suggestions and when you should follow orders. Sometimes, you may think a shorter haircut or a different colour would be better for your client. You could lose the customer and your tip if you are too insistent.

You’re here to provide a service. This means that you must do what the customer asks. If they are open to trying new things, it is your chance to shine.

It is important to be ready for such occasions. This means that you need to continue learning and diversifying your skills.

Clarify the Tipping Policy

Even the most satisfied customers may be reluctant to tip if there is no clear guideline.

Some salons and stylists won’t take tips. It can be difficult for customers to figure out if they are allowed to leave a tip. However, if customers are pressured into tipping more than they should, it can be presumptuous. This could make them reluctant to return.

Leave a note near the front desk describing the tipping system at the salon. It should state that tips are appreciated and give instructions on where to leave a tip if desired. With everyone on the same page, you can guarantee better tips!

Take a look at these Tip Jar Ideas.

A tip jar can make tipping easier in salons. These are some tips to help you get more tips from your salon tip jar.

Make your Tip Jar visible.

Although it may seem obvious, make sure that the tip jar is visible with the tipping guide at the top. If customers need clarification, they can easily read the guide. Even if they don’t understand the guide, the tip jar will let them know that you appreciate tips at their salon.

Establish reciprocity

A study into restaurant tips shows that giving customers candy can increase your tipping. Research suggests that customers will reciprocate by offering small gifts to their customers. Customers are more likely to return a gift if they have received it.

This theory can be tested by placing a variety of candy treats near the tip jar to see if you get more tips each week.

Thank You

You can also thank your customers for their support by putting a ‘thanks’ sign on their tip jar. A simple thank you. The message could be included at the bottom of receipts. These little changes can make a big difference in your tipping ability.

Personalize your Service

An efficient hair salon software will help personalize your customer experience right from the beginning. If you’re looking for better tips, it is important to provide personalized service throughout the appointment. Good service is different for every customer.

While some customers may be interested in chatting, others will only want to have their hair cut. It is important to learn how to read your customer’s body language and verbal cues to determine what they desire from your appointment.

Take some notes on the customer to help you plan for future appointments. These notes could include personal information, talking points they liked, and styling preferences.

You can then tailor your conversation and hairdressing services next time they visit. You can make them feel special by small details, such as asking about their children and bringing up the holiday they are going on. They’ll feel more inclined to share generous tips for your hair salon.

Complement Your Customers

Don’t forget to tip your customer before taking them to the till. Research shows that complimenting your customer’s hair can earn you a third in tips.

It makes sense since your customer is coming to get their hair done. You can help them feel confident that they have done a great job and deserve a tip.

A compliment can make someone feel better, and a tip is a great way to show your appreciation.

Here are some tips to help you get a better hair salon

These tips and tip jars can be used to encourage customers to tip.

It’s the combination of a great hairdresser and proactive customer service that will ensure they return to your salon every time and leave a generous tip.