Favorite Resources for Inspiration in Nail Design


It might be good to start with the most popular and obvious item. This social media site is a popular one. Pinterest has been a popular spot for culture and fashion trends because it is based entirely on visuals.

You can search for “nail designs” on Pinterest to find thousands or even thousands of unique and original ideas. You can search for nail designs by color, style, or animal.

You can either follow specific pinboards or browse through hundreds of cute nail designs from around the globe. You won’t find more nail designs anywhere else than the internet.

Kiara Sky Professional Nails

Kiara Sky, a California-based company, sells nail products all over the globe. Kiara Sky lets you build your kit, including nail polish and dip powder and PediPacks.

Kiara Sky also showcases stunning nail art on its Instagram page. They have over 2,000 followers and more than 914,000 posts. This has made them one of the fastest-growing nail brands in the world.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

This magazine, which is international in fashion and entertainment, regularly publishes new nail design ideas. Here are some recent posts:

23 of Instagram’s Slickest Yellow Nail Designs

19 The Prettiest Ombre Nail Designs On Instagram

19 Neon Nail Designs that Shine Brighter than Your Future

29 Ideas for Wedding Nails to Consider Before You Get Hitched

You can see all Cosmopolitan nail design articles on a filtered version of the website. Cosmopolitan has many inspiring ideas for nail art, even though there are some odd topics about nails.

Nail Career Education

Suzie, a professional nail technician with over 30 years of experience, has over 2,000,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Anyone interested in nail design or nail art will find great information on her channel.

You’ll leave with great design tips and even more ideas if you have ‘education’ in your name. We considered nominating Simply Nailogical. This YouTube channel has over 7,000,000 subscribers. But, this channel is more for entertainment than Nail Career Education.


You can search this hashtag on Instagram to see 16,373,323 photos. There are millions of nail art designs. You’ll find nail designs from every corner of the globe, including professional salons such as Kiara Sky and mothers and students.

Nail style

Nail style is an online magazine that “provides professional stylists with a place where they can feel at home.” It features articles, style guides, contests, and style finders. You can find most of your inspiration for nail art ideas on the Nailstyle Instagram page.

You’ll have access with nearly 50,000 followers to stunning nail designs and daily posts.

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping, a women’s lifestyle magazine, was founded in 1885. It has many articles, posts and lists about nail design. Like Cosmopolitan, you can also use the headlines of each article to decide where to go.

Good Housekeeping’s Nail Design Gallery will provide you with Christmas nail art ideas and the most recent trends.

Nail Sunny

Nail Sunny offers a wide range of creative and controversial nail designs. Some of this Russian nail salon’s provocative and inappropriate designs have made international headlines.

The salon’s Instagram account has more than 2,200,000 followers. Here you will find most of your inspiration. Los Angeles is the latest location of the Russian luxury salon.

Disclaimer: Nail Sunny was the target of a lot of backlash and criticism earlier in the year after posting a nail design many felt was inappropriate and crossed a boundary.


Essie is a favorite nail brand for celebrities, salon professionals, and beauty junkies. Essie is a leading brand in nail design, with unique color collections and award-winning products.

Essie has a whole section dedicated specifically to nail art. Essie not only gives you ideas but also gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

Essie’s nail art often partners with celebrities to showcase unique designs. Essie has allowed celebrities like Lizzo, Jonathan Van Ness and Anna Kendrick to show off their nail art.


These resources will inspire you, whether you are looking for nude or holographic nail designs. Essie and Nail Career Education can be a great resource for anyone looking for DIY nail designs. Each design is illustrated with step-by-step instructions.