Five simple salon design ideas that will make the most out of your space

Your salon’s appearance and feel are important parts of the customer experience. The right decor can make a big difference in building your brand and creating a relaxing atmosphere for clients. You must do your research.

Are you unsure where to begin? We can help! These are five easy salon design ideas that you can start today.

A statement piece or two is all that’s needed to complete the look.

It can be tempting to add quirky and cool objects to your salon without knowing where to begin decorating. However, if you don’t have a theme to guide you, you could end up looking cluttered.

Start by choosing a few standout ornaments or furniture pieces. Then, start building from there. Use complementary colours, patterns, or other items to match your decor.

A mirror is a great place for salons to begin. Talking of…

Make small spaces seem larger by using mirrors and colour

This decorating tip has been around since ancient times and still holds today. Mirrors are your best friend when it comes to creating an illusion of space in a small space.

This is especially true in salons where many people and furniture are crammed into one space. It can quickly make the difference between clients feeling uncomfortable and comfortable.

Place a mirror next to or opposite a natural light source (your windows) for the best results. You will get a more convincing effect if you have fewer mirrors than there are.

A light, breezy palette of colour will help keep the space open and airy.

Go minimalist!

Cutting down on clutter is very much in fashion right now. It can make your salon feel more modern, clean, and chic, which will be a big plus for clients.

You can keep your colours consistent and add interesting ornaments or artwork to accent the room. When choosing furniture, earthy textures such as wood and stone are a great choice. Just make sure that your woods match your purchase. You can go all matrix with black, grey, and white tones for a stylish look. You can make anything look great if you keep it simple and overdo it.

One of the best things for your wallet is to go minimalist. You can spend more on the items you have less of – this will allow you to invest in high-quality stuff that will last.

Window display upgrade

It is important to make a good first impression. Your salon’s window display is the most important aspect of foot traffic.

You don’t need to have endless photos of random models and treatments. It can be used to showcase the personality of your salon.

A positive and joyful atmosphere is important. You can post photos of your team and their interactions with the people you love or try a funny joke (think about those chalkboards in coffee shops for inspiration). Do you prefer a more sleek and stylish look? You might like to display flowers or artwork in a subtler but still eye-catching way.

Anything that draws attention from passersby is a win. You could also show off any awards or promotions you have.

Your clientele should match yours.

Follow your customers when in doubt. For example, if you cater to urbanites mostly, your customers will respond differently to your salon decor choices to older men.

Match what you think your clients want in a salon. It will give you valuable suggestions, but it will also help build that important personal connection.