Here are 10 no-bleach hair colour ideas you should try!

Do not delay getting your hair done. Get started now!

brown hair colour is natural and uncomplicated. This colour gives your hair a natural reddish-brown colour that will brighten dull hair. The upkeep of this colour is easy. It can be worn as a wash-and-wear style, and the natural brassiness will quickly fade. We would recolour it or switch to another colour if we were you.


We were surprised to discover that wine red and burgundy are great hair shades you can achieve without having to bleach your precious locks. This hair colour is perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and a touch of uniqueness. This hair colour will make you look more sunkissed. This colour fades faster than other shades, so it’s worth considering before getting it.


This is a no-bleach colour that perfectly blends caramel and golden brown. It’s not too warm or yellow and has just the right amount of light brown to match your natural hair colour. This super-chic hair colour looks great on medium to dark skin tones.


It’s not too light for any hair colour. This beautiful caramel shade can be achieved by finding a dye brand that is strong enough to lighten your hair.

Chocolate Brown

You might feel jitters about bleaching your first hair colour. This stunning, no-bleach chocolate blonde hair colour is not something you should be afraid of. Even in dim lighting, the fine shade of deep brown will lighten your complexion. For more compliments, we recommend honey blonde or caramel highlights.


Mahogany is the perfect no-bleach hair colour! This hair colour is rich and warm, adding layers to your hair without making it dull. This shade is great for long hair and comes in many shades you can try. My favourites are copper, cinnamon, mulled wines, chocolate mauve and cinnamon.

Chestnut brown

Nature is always beautiful. This is a stunning tree bark-hued hair colour. It has a caramel-ish undertone that looks incredible. Although we prefer sub-shades such as balayage and ombre, you are free to experiment. This is the hair colour that stylists approve for women who have layered hairstyles, curtain bangs, or wavy hair textures.

Golden Brown

This no-bleach blonde hair is a great option if you need to go blonde. This will give you an idea of the colour and add dimension to your hair. This is one of our most popular hair colours.


This is a wonderful crossover of red and brown that you didn’t know was possible. You might think cinnamon makes pancakes, but it tastes great on your hair. This no-bleach hair colour will brighten girls’ complexion with medium-deep skin tones.

Mushroom brown

This no-bleach colour is a trendy, warm and trendy ashy-earthy shade. For a Pinterest-worthy result, have your hair professionally coloured. This is not the next DIY project for your hair.