How to make sure your salon sterilizer is authentic with Ceriotti

We know that ensuring the highest hygiene standards is important when opening your salon after lockdown. Even though you may not go as far as sterilizing your tools as you would like, you might consider doing so if you feel the salon is becoming messier.

It can be not easy to choose the right salon sterilizing equipment. Many of the available types can be purchased at suspiciously low prices.

How can you ensure you’re buying an effective and legitimate salon sterilizer?

We’ve created a guide that includes information from Ceriotti to help you make an informed decision about which sterilizer you should purchase.

What are the Different Types Of Salon Sterilizers?

Three main types of sterilization are used in salon equipment

  • UV light
  • Moist heat
  • Dry heat

UV Salon Sterilisers

Because of its affordability, UV light is one of the most common methods of sterilizing hair in salons.

UV sterilizers function exactly as their names suggest. They use UV-C wavelengths to kill all microorganisms exposed to the sun’s rays. The UV-C rays are strong enough to destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses.

Ensure that the UV-C rays are used when you buy a UV sterilizer. UV-C sterilization is a mandatory sanitary protocol in many countries. It is important to know that UVA and UVB radiations are insufficient to sterilize. Don’t buy a UV-C sterilizer unless you can verify the UV-C wavelengths.

Ceriotti Sterilizers are made from only the best quality UV-C bulbs that have been marked and certified CE and EN. You run the risk that a counterfeit sterilizer will not only be ineffective at sterilizing your tools but also could prove to be dangerous. To ensure that it is a genuine UV-C sterilizer, make sure you verify the manufacturer and seller.

Moist Heat Sterilisers

Moist heat sterilizers are also known as autoclaves. They use pressurized steam and bacteria to kill all microorganisms on your tools. The sterilizers work by creating a vacuum and rapidly pumping in boiling water that exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. This can sterilize your tools in less than 20 minutes.

Autoclaves can be extremely effective and efficient and have been used for many years in medical settings, hair and beauty salons, barbershops, and other areas. An autoclave can be used to sterilize almost any metal tool, although steam can cause corrosion. The moisture in an autoclave can also cause damage to non-metallic tools. Make sure you check this before using one.

Dry Heat Sterilisers

Dry heat is the third most used method of sterilization in salons. These are similar to UV sterilizers but don’t have the potential to damage tools. The use of quartz beads, glass, ceramic, and ceramic beads can sometimes create extremely high temperatures. All microorganisms found on your tools should be destroyed once sufficiently hot.

The Best Salon Sterilizing Equipment

Atom UV-C Steriliser

This UV light sterilizer is small enough to be used on all hair stations in your salon, including the brows and nails. You don’t have to worry about high temperatures or moisture damaging your equipment – drop your tools in after every client to ensure that they are fully sterile.

GX7 Quartz Steriliser

The GX7 quartz is another great nail salon sterilizer. It can sterilize tools using dry heat in 10 seconds. After it has reached the right temperature, you can place your nail scissors and metal files inside. Once that is done, you can prepare for your next client. However, you won’t have room for combs or brushes.

Skin made 100 Autoclave Steriliser

The Skinmate autoclave uses steam at 125°C to sterilize all equipment in 20 minutes. It is recommended for use by healthcare authorities. The 9-litre capacity can hold various beauty, hair and nail tools.

Germix 2 UV-C Sterilising Unit

Two drawers make the Germix 2 UV-C Steriliser very convenient. You can rotate all your tools, which allows you to sterilize everything quickly without having clients wait. You can safely drop any tools or equipment into the drawers because they don’t produce high heat or moisture.

Sanity Security Dry Heat Steriliser

This unit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a dry heat sterilizer. This unit doesn’t use steam, so your tools won’t rust. In addition, any microorganisms that might be present will be destroyed. This is an excellent addition to your salon hygiene.