It is important to work in a salon studio during COVID-19.

It’s hard to predict how the world will look after this pandemic. We live in unprecedented times, and we are just trying to figure out how to survive.

As a result, many of us will need to change our routines and habits. What does this mean for the salon business?

The beauty industry estimates that 25-30 percent of traditional salons will fail in the crisis. This is an alarming statistic considering how many professionals will lose their jobs.

But, all is not lost. Traditional salons will have to deal with social distancing and following sanitary guidelines. Salons have a tradition of having clients in every chair and packed waiting areas.

Many salons must limit the number of clients allowed on their premises. The beauty professionals are told when and how to work.

Salons might one day be able to return to their normal business operations, but it is difficult to predict when. Many stylists and technicians wonder what the future holds.

Salon Studios: Why?

Although salon studios were always a better business model than salons, this is still the case. The studio can handle post-virus protocols more efficiently and safely.

Traditional salons share equipment, counters and chairs. Sinks and other work services are shared. Each salon is separated into its own space with doors and floor-to-ceiling walls. Each studio is completely isolated because there is no sharing equipment or space.

This greatly reduces the risk for the stylist as well as the client. You can design in your own space and clean up after every appointment. There are no waiting areas or large service areas that will allow patrons to come into contact with other patrons.

Salon suites were designed to be private and one-on-one. Cosmo is the ideal place to meet new safety and health protocols.

Beauty professionals also have the opportunity to be their boss. Cosmo gives you complete control over your business. You have complete control over your work hours and can create your schedule. You choose the products and services you offer.

There won’t be a limit on how many hours or days you can work. There will be no more worries about burnout or not taking enough time off. You can work when you want and keep 100% of your profits.

This will enable beauty professionals to take on one client at a time rather than working for commission.

How Cosmo Can Help

Cosmo has helped many beauty professionals to open their salons. We are committed to making Cosmo Experts feel comfortable in this current climate and offer business coaching and promotion.

High-quality disinfectants are used to clean the studios at regular intervals. In each location, hand sanitizer dispensers were installed. All studio owners will be provided with the required supplies to ensure safety for everyone who enters the building. All Cosmo Experts will receive gloves, masks, as well as disinfectants.

These are difficult times for many. We created the Cosmo 60-Day guarantee. Sign up now to receive your first month’s rent free of charge. Your second month’s rent is 100% refundable.

Cosmo does everything possible to empower beauty professionals. Cosmo is a private and secure space that allows you to communicate with others from a distance. You can follow all CDC protocols and guidelines in our private salon suites.

Do not wait to begin your new journey. Even though it’s difficult, this doesn’t mean you should give up on your goals and dreams. This is your chance to make that leap and be a salon owner!