Salon Organization and Storage Ideas

You may imagine a spacious, elegant salon with ample space for waiting areas and storage for your supplies. However, you might not be able to achieve this ideal. It is important to keep your salon clutter-free.

If you want to work smarter and not harder, it is important to have a clean environment. A messy salon is not a client’s favourite place to work. Your salon will look cleaner and larger if everything is in order. Every client wants a salon that offers a pleasant experience. You can make it an unforgettable experience by creating a clean, well-designed salon and offering the best services.

Why is it important to stay organized?

Let’s now discuss why it is important to keep your salon organized. It’s because chaos causes stress. Your clients won’t feel at home in a cluttered environment.

A messy salon can cause you to lose valuable time. Did you ever lose 10 minutes because you couldn’t find the colour you wanted? It happens all the time. It’s easy to be productive by organizing your items and storing them smartly. This will allow you to make more appointments.

According to a statistic by Small Businesses Trends, being in a well-organized environment will make it less likely that you become distracted by cluttering up your workspace. This can lead to greater focus.

How to keep your salon organized?

This is why I am here: to help you find the best storage solutions for your salon and provide useful ideas for organizing it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on storage or productivity apps to keep your salon organized. These salon storage solutions can be easily adapted to your business with a little imagination. Jamie Dana, a hairstylist, shares 3 simple tips to organize your salon. Enjoy!

Wall shelves are a great idea.

You’ll likely have hundreds of different nail colours to choose from as a nail technician or hairstylist. They are difficult to display and can take time to organize. A wall shelf is one solution. This is the best way to allow your clients and you to see every product’s colour. Wall shelves can also be useful in terms of space, as they are compact.

  • Wall shelf for hair dye
  • Wall shelf for nail polish

Products that have a colour code or label

Once you have organized your products on a wall shelf, there is another rule to follow: the colour arrangement. To find the right shades easier, arrange all dye products according to their colour codes. Labelling your products is another way to organize them. It doesn’t matter if you label your products according to their purpose, colour, or frequency of use, but it is a good idea to label the bottles and shelves where they are stored, so you don’t have to dig through them every time.

Organize your cords

The main thing that makes a salon look messy is the cords. A cord organizer is a great way to organize your salon. It will help you avoid untying cords all the time.

Storage boxes and organizers are great options.

Please do not leave your drawer cluttered for the reason that no one will be able to see it. It is essential to keep your drawer organized with organizers and storage boxes. This will allow you to see everything in it. An excellent salon storage idea is to use your chair space and create a custom or storage-equipped sofa. This way, everything can be stored without looking messy.

  • Scissor organizer
  • Tube rack
  • Box for Bobby Pins
  • Silicone heat resistant styling station
  • Polder style station
  • Hairbrush holder
  • Storage sofa

Organize your storage cabinets

Your salon storage cabs should be organized according to the products you wish to store. You can have separate shelves for towels, shampoos, and disinfectants. To avoid accidentally mixing products, don’t use the same shelf with different products. Labels are also recommended for each shelf and cab.

Rolling carts are a good option.

The most popular storage solution for hair salons in the rolling cart. Salon roller carts are more spacious than other storage options. They can also be hung from your side to provide quick access to various instruments. A professional rolling cart is a great option for salon studios that don’t yet have one.

Keep your hygiene products accessible.

Quick access to cleaning supplies is key to a clean and organized salon. Keep a small broom, a few wipes, a paper towel and disinfectant in your bathroom. Consider storing hygiene products in a more convenient place, as you will need to clean your equipment and tools after each service.

Windsor pocket organizer

Label your bottles

It can be very messy to have the original bottles of each product and expose them on a shelf next to the sink. Your salon’s design will be ruined by all the different-sized bottles and coloured labels. You’re more likely to use the shampoo when it is finished if they’re not in transparent bottles. You can avoid this by storing the products in identical bottles and labelling them.


You might be surprised at how much a smartphone app for appointment scheduling can do. An online booking system will not cause you to be stressed by ringing your phone. Why? Because clients can book their vacations online without you having to interrupt them. You don’t have to worry about scheduling apps letting clients book your time off. There’s an option in the app that allows you to block personal events and time off for vacations.

A mobile appointment book has another advantage: you can reduce the number of no-shows by almost 0. Appointfix, for example, is an appointment-scheduling system that sends clients text messages reminding them about their appointments. It can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play. It’s essential for busy professionals who are always on the move.

Time management tools

Technology is the best at managing time. Let it do its job. Many apps can help you keep track of your tasks and plan your day. Knowing how much each service costs is beneficial, so you don’t have dead time between appointments. It is important to focus on one task at a time. Do not do half-work or overlap your work schedules. Appointfix and other apps are great tools, but you need to measure each minute. If you want to run a salon professional, you will need to be organized from every angle.

These salon organization tips I have prepared for you I hope you find them useful. Don’t forget to educate yourself on what your beginner barber kit should contain and ensure you only use high-quality products and tools. For every hour spent organizing, there is an hour. Benjamin Franklin, We wish you all the best in your salon organizing endeavours!