Styling Hair: 12 Top Salon Secrets

The secrets of hairdressing are endless. They’re now sharing their secrets to help you achieve salon-quality hair at home. Here are 13 of their best tips and tricks.

Secret #1: You Can Shampoo Daily

Shampooing daily is acceptable, even if your hair is oily. These shampoos are gentle enough that you can use them daily. If your hair is extremely oily, it’s okay to shampoo every day. Let hair air dry or use heat less often.

Secret #2: Style Dirty Hair Easier

Stylists recommend that you not wash your hair on the morning of an updo. Dirty hair is easier to style and mold. You don’t need to wash your hair before a big event or if you want to look sophisticated. This will make styling your hair easier, such as a French twist or chic chignon.

Secret #3: Runway hair with Velcro Rollers

Get some Velcro Rollers to give your hair to somebody. Sometimes, it cannot be easy to roll straight hair. Stylists have discovered that fine hair can be easier to roll by spraying it with a flexible hold hairspray, curling it with an iron and rolling it onto a Velcro roller. This gives your hair the hold it needs and will give you great volume and body once you remove the rollers.

Secret #4: Looking for Sexy, Messy Waves “Just Off the Beach?”

A salt spray is a great alternative to perming your hair. Either buy a spray commercially or make your own using water and rock salt. Apply the spray liberally to your hair, then let it air dry with a beautiful texture.

Secret #5: You can give yourself a professional blow-dry

Many blow-dry salons are popping up across the country. A perfect blow-dry can be yours for $30, depending on the texture of your hair. You can save money by creating your salon-quality blow-dry.

Although a proper blow-dry can be labor-intensive, you will never go back to the salon again for $30 blow-dries once you have it perfected.

Secret #6: Bangs are Hot. Just Make Sure You Have the Right Bangs

Bangs are the best way to update your hairstyle or shave years off your face. The good news is that bangs have become a rage right now.

The current trend is to wear blunt bangs with long straight hair. Sexy. Particularly if you have perfect highlights. Are you not ready for thick bangs? Side-swept bangs can be worn with long layers. Layering your hair with bangs is a great way to make your hair look more natural. Side-swept bangs should reach the middle of your eyebrows. Anything shorter will make you look old.

Secret #7: Yes, You Can Go Blonde or Red

Certain skin types are more comfortable with certain colors than others. Many olive-skinned ladies (think Jennifer Lopez and Linda Evangelista) can wear any hair color, including blonde, black, brunette, or red. Pink-toned women have more difficulty and are not able to do too much. Pink skin tones work well with Red hair color. If you were blonde as a child, you might be able to go blonde as an adult. Even olive-skinned women with brown or black hair can still look amazing blonde. A stylish one can help you choose the right tone.

Secret #8: Don’t go long and be blah

The look is familiar: Hair that has been a little too long doesn’t have any style and looks just plain blah. We’ve all been there. This hairstyle communicates that you are low-maintenance and don’t want to go to the salon often. This is fine if you don’t care about making an impression and looking fabulous. It’s not sexy. Layer your hair, and add bangs and highlights. Finally, you can cut your hair to the shoulder-length. This is the most popular length for hair. Get to the salon immediately.

Secret #9: How to get “Piecey” hair

You already know what look you want. The long, straight hair seems to be falling into pieces. It’s in the cut, according to some stylists. You will most likely find it, but you need to use the right product. Long layers are necessary to achieve the “piecey” look. Hair of just one length will not do. Texturizing will help to reduce hair’s thickness. Texturizing is a way to give hair a body and lighten the load. Texturizing gives hair a thicker look at the roots and allows it to fall in soft, smooth waves.

After achieving the perfect haircut, don’t forget to use the product. You can separate the pieces by running your hair through a good pomade.

Secret #10: Buns are Cool. Just Keep Them Loose

Prom, New Year, and Lois Lane are not the only occasions for updos. An easy way to look polished and professional is to do a casual, loose updo. You can finger-comb your hair into a low, messy bun or knot and attach it with bobby pins and a ponytail holder. Don’t worry about the tight, ballerina-styled hair.

Secret #11: A Temporary Ende to Frayed Ends

Marie Claire: Rodney Groves, a hairdresser, uses a leave-in treatment to dry hair and then blows it with a blowdryer. This product should be on your shopping list. Keep it handy for when you need it.

Secret Number 12: Don’t wait too long before you do color touch-ups

You can save your hair from damage by having your color regularly retouched (every 28 days). Your stylist will not have to dye your entire head if you don’t wait too long. You can cover your roots with a hair-color kit. There are many great root touch-up kits, but a regular hair dye kit is sufficient. Don’t worry about matching perfectly, as it is unlikely to happen in a salon job. You can replace the included brush with a new mascara wand (available at any drugstore).