Ten Tips for First-Time Salon Managers

When starting as a salon manager, it can be not easy to know where to start. It can be overwhelming to keep your eyes on so many things that it can make working with an established team difficult.

These are the Top 10 Must-Know Tips for First-Time Salon Managers

Customer complaints

One way to see what’s happening in a salon is by looking at customer reviews. This includes complaints and how they were dealt with. It speaks volumes if there isn’t a log of complaints procedures. It means that the salon isn’t monitoring the complaint, not dealing with the complainants, and not creating best practices. If they log the complaint, it is a sign that there are issues with management and procedures.

What are the problems if there is a log? Is it staff or maintenance? Are there many complaints or a few? This will give you a general idea of the business’s culture and how customers are treated.

Human Resources

It is important to address any HR issues immediately as a salon manager for the first time. Your ability to solve problems quickly is essential for the team. Ask the management team to focus on what is important, and they will. You can also assess the situation by holding individual meetings, even if you don’t have a management team.


Recruitment can be time-consuming, but it is your main source of income. It is important to get the process started immediately if you want to grow. You must immediately pay attention to any vacant positions. You must ensure that the process is running smoothly at all times. If not, you can add your stamp to it. If there is no telephone interview, ensure it occurs from now on. Also, make sure managers know what the procedure is.

Budget and Targets

Your plan of action will be based on your budget and your targets. The budget can reveal everything about salon decisions. Are there excessive products spending? Are staff costs higher than 45%? It would be best if you reached your goals to impact as a manager. It is important to study the numbers, understand the budget, and plan for the future. Your budget is key to your success. Every decision you make must be financial.


You can also observe the salon and work with the other team members to get a better understanding of its dynamics. Do some washing, hair-washing, and folding towels at the reception. It doesn’t matter; the first two weeks of being a salon manager are crucial. You need to be part of the team to forget who they are and behave as normal. You will be more likely to control and manage than to lead a team if you are agitated about your work. The best way to have a lasting impact on your team and company is to observe with the sole purpose of making positive changes.

Your Vision is Possible

Your vision is key to your success. What are you looking to accomplish in your first year of employment? What do you want your salon to look like in the next year? Awarded with awards Earn 20% in retail sales

It doesn’t matter what it is, write a sentence and place it on your desk. This vision (or mission statement) will be shared with the team in individual meetings. If the goal is not in your head, people will not feel part of it.

Individual Meetings

To communicate your vision to everyone and get to know each person:

  1. Have individual meetings.
  2. Discuss your vision and your expectations with them.
  3. Try to resolve any problems that may arise and build a relationship.

It would be best to meet with them regularly, regardless of their organizational structure.

Refer to the Procedures

What are the current procedures? What procedures do you need to put in place for the smooth operation of your salon? Although it can be time-consuming to create procedures, you will quickly identify the issues with your team once you have seen the results. As a salon manager, procedures will be your key to success.

Create A 90-Day Plan Of Action

Now, using the observations you made and the issues you dealt with over the previous 3 weeks, you can create your action plan for the next three months. You should be very specific about what you want and include why you are doing it. Also, make sure to mention the outcome that you expect to get. This will help you stay on track and make a difference in the team’s success and revenue.

Team Meeting

The team meeting is the last thing on our list. This will bring everything together. The 3 P’s (Plan, Prepare, and Present) are important. This will allow you to engage your team in the changes you want to make. It will also help you get them to accept target KPIs and to focus on marketing ideas. After 4 weeks of doing all of the above, this meeting is the key point in your leadership.